When turning left at an intersection and you have to wait for a gap in the oncoming traffic, stop so the front tires of the vehicle are on the front crosswalk line. This technique allows you to be commited to the left turn, but not be in the intersection in the event something goes awry.

Where you stop your vehicle in waiting traffic could save you from being rear-ended by leaving you with an out!Stopping at an intersection behind a line of vehicles so you can see the tires of the vehicle in front of you "making clear contact with the pavement" provides a raft of defensive options.

First and foremost, this driving technique is an absolute requirement for a road test regardless of the vehicle type or configuration.

truck scaleQuestions arise about how heavy is a truck, RV trailer, or truck-trailer combination. If your truck-trailer, or RV unit exceeds specified gross vehicle weights, the driver will require a higher class of licence. In British Columbia, for example, if you are towing a trailer exceeding 4,600kg (10,100lbs), but neither the truck nor trailer has air brakes, the driver is required to have a heavy trailer endorsement (Code 20).

The best way to find out is to put it on a scale.

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