How to Drive a Manual Car PDF

Driving is a social activity.

Never assume that the other road user sees you or is going to execute the predictable action you’re anticipating.

Develop habits that will make you a safer, smarter driver!

#1—Clutch Control

“You ain’t controlling nothing!”

Clutch control is the absolute, very basic skill that you need to master to learn to drive a manual car well.

Work in a parking lot to work with just the clutch to get the vehicle moving.

Don’t add throttle for this exercise.

After you mastered clutch control, the rest of driving a manual car is relatively straight forward.

Not mastering clutch control when learning to drive a manual car is like learning to read, but not knowing the alphabet.

Like know the alphabet to read, you must master clutch control to drive a manual car well.

#2—Friction...or Biting-Point

“Why are we biting?”

Exercises to learn where the friction point is on the clutch pedal are a must for learning clutch control.

See the video “How to Drive a Manual Car for Beginners.”

If you skip this fundamental step of learning how to drive a manual car, you could develop habits that will prematurely wear out your clutch…and replacing the clutch on your vehicle is an expensive repair.

#3—First & Reverse

“Are we going here or what?”

These are the two hardest gears for the beginner driver.

If you can master 1st gear and reverse gear, the rest of the gears will be relatively straight forward.

Oh, I made a pun there!

The reason these are tough, is owing to the fact that you’re overcoming the vehicle’s inertia.

In other words, you’re getting the vehicle going from a “dead stop.”

Think of it like trying to get your bicycle going.

At the beginning pedaling is hard, but as you get going it gets easier.

Getting a manual car going is the same idea.


“It makes the car go faster!”

All transmissions are a basic “H” pattern.

Most are going to be 5-speed transmission, but some are going to be a 6 speed.

Neutral—where the vehicle isn’t in gear—is between the top set of gears and the bottom.

The gear selector always rests between the middle gears when in neutral.

In other words, when the gear selector is in neutral and you let it go, it rests between 3rd and 4th gear.

1st gear is always to the left and up.

4.1 Getting to Reverse


Reverse gear can either be on the right or the left of the transmission, depending on the brand of the vehicle.

Most transmissions will have some sort of lock mechanism to prevent you from going into reverse accidentally when the vehicle is moving.

Some levers you have to push down and others will have a ring on the selector that you have to pull up.

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