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Canadian Log Books Course

Canadian Log Books Course
$24.97 USD each

With this Canadian Logbook Course, you will both avoid costly fines and the get the proper amount of sleep.Comprehensive Logbook Course for truck and bus drivers operating in Canada!

$24.97 USD each

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You drive onto the scale and the sign flashes "STOP."

You wait for the sign to change.

The sign flashes "Park, Bring Papers."

The smile drops from you face.

You know the officers are going to check your logbook.

And you know that you didn't update your logbook at your last change of duty status - what the heck is a change of duty status anyway!?

You drive forward and turn to the right around the back of the scalehouse.

You frantically scoop together the paperwork you suspect the officer will want to see.

You simply hope that they're not going to do an inspection on the truck as well.

Fingers crossed, you take the pile of paperwork and climb out of the truck.

Don't get a fine - take this comprehensive course!!

The self-paced course gives you:

• EASY to understand, step-by-step instructions to fill out the Canadian Logbook;

• 2 practical exercises that include route planning and filling out logbook;

• checklists to ensure you completed the form correctly;

• multiple choice questions to ensure correct knowledge and understanding.

$24.97 USD each

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Course Lessons

• Truck & Bus Driver Trip Planning—CANADA

• Rules & Regulations | Filling Out the Log Sheet

• How to Fill out the Log Book Graph

• Canadian Log Books Rules & Regulations

• Supporting Documentation

• Calculating Logbook Work Hours

General Canadian Log Book Quiz


• Blank Logsheets

• Route Planning Checklist

• Canadian Logbook Cheat Sheet

• Logbook Work Cycle Calculator

Log Book Exercises

• Log Book Exercise - Toronto, ON

• Exercise Quiz - Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, ON—Rounder | ANSWER KEY

• Rivière du Loup, Quebec Round Trip

• Quiz - Rivière du Loup, QC Round Trip

Rivière du Loup, QC—Rounder | ANSWER KEY

Final Canadian Log Book Quiz

• Final Canadian Log Book Quiz

• Smart Drive Test Canadian Log Books

$24.97 USD each

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