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 Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about eight reasons why drivers fail road test. This isn't just for passenger vehicles - this is for CDL vehicles. All of this is applicable as well. Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.


Hi there smart drivers. Welcome back. Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about eight reasons why both passenger vehicle, CDL drivers, motorcycle riders, and others who are taking a road test. It doesn't matter what class of license - you will be unsuccessful on a road test. So if you're just tuning in, let us know where you're tuning in from in the world.


So eight reasons you might fail a road test. One of the first reasons--and this isn't really on the list of reasons that I'm going to give you why you potentially could fail your road test--is first impressions.

Did you take a shower; did you cut your... not, did you not cut your hair, but did you comb your hair; did you shave, you know, do your makeup, and those types of things before you go down.

Obviously I'm speaking to women. Yes you could if you're Eddie Izzard you're going to need to do your makeup before you go to do your road test.


Reason number two for failing a road test is you don't have mastery of the primary controls which are the steering wheel, the brake, and the throttle.


Number six -dangerous actions. This again is an automatic fail. It's the same as striking a fixed object. If you block an intersection; if the examiner intervenes for any reason. If the examiner takes hold of the steering wheel and takes control of the vehicle or puts the vehicle in neutral, that's an automatic fail. If you turn and there's insufficient gap and you caused another driver to brake so that you can finish the maneuver you're going to fail you on your road test.


There, Cory's got the link up for the Pass Your Road Test first-time Course.

Jaspal - sir who is the right-of-way when four cars from four directions on an all-way stop at the same time. Okay so Jaspal, it is the first the first car to arrive, or the vehicle on the right. As well Jaspel have a look at the 4-way stop video.


Okay so Tim is here, and I left Tim's House (Colwood, BC) this morning at 5:30--Basic Joomla Tutorials-that's my mate Tim. And yes, I was down there this morning at 5:30am and no I didn't nap on the ferry. I drank coffee. Is it showing that I'm a little bit hyper?


There we go. Okay so Stacy. You have visual impairment. What kind of visual impairments do you have Stacy? So if you have visual impairments, the first thing that I would recommend is is that you might need to work with--you know--some of these driver rehab centers where the driving examiner works with an occupational therapist and they can help you with a disability that you might have in terms of driving.

This was one of the things that we did when I worked at Parkwood Hospital in London, Ontario. We worked with people who had disabilities such as limited vision. And actually Stacy, if you if you have near- perfect vision in one eye, actually Stacy I think for vision impairment it is 20/100. You need to have 20/100 vision or as you just said, you need to have good vision in one eye.


Okay, as I tell students passing, not perfect. We're going to work on perfect for the rest of our life in terms of driving. I mean, even I am still working on stuff and learning stuff.


Okay so Norwegian Blood. How many demerit points can you be given on a road test before a fail?


And for those here on the live stream and for those watching on the replay, you need to demonstrate to the examiner that you have due care and control of the vehicle at all times in changing traffic conditions.

That's essentially what you need to do to be successful on your road test and under that definition of what you need to do for the purposes of passing a road test.

You need to be proficient in the four components of a road test, regardless of where you are in the world, regardless of what class of license you are taking, or regardless of how old you are.

[TRANSITION] Can you reverse back? Yes Jonathan, when you're reversing you put your hand over the passenger seat depending on what side of the car you're on in the world. So you put your hand over and then look back and you can use one hand to manipulate the steering wheel when you're reversing. All right, thank you everyone else for showing up. Thank you for those who are watching on the replay. I wish you all the best.

Congratulations to all of those who passed their road test in the last couple of weeks. Good luck to those are you taking a road test in the upcoming weeks. If you have any comments at all, if you like the channel - subscribe, leave a comment, and share it around.

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