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When testing the tractor protection valve, disconnect the air lines from the trailer and make a service brake application.PASS Your CA CDL Air Brakes First Time... Get Your Course


CALIFORNIA CDL Air Brake Practice Tests!

This self-paced course gives you:

5 practice test with 25 questions

Air Brake Tool Kit

  • step-by-step pre-trip inspection checklist
  • infograph - step-by-step for in-cab air brake checks
  • step-by-step checklist for adjusting manual slack adjuster
  • list of air brake valves required to PASS knowledge test

BONUS Practice Quiz for CDL Licence

    • Final Practice Tests
  • Single Unit :: Bus, Truck, RV Unit (30 questions)
  • Vehicles towing trailer fitted with air brakes (30 questions)

$24.97 USD each

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