How to Use Bicycle Lanes at Complex Intersections | Veda #2

Learn how to deal with cyclists and bicycle lanes at complex intersections.

How to Use Bicycle Lanes at Complex Intersections | Veda #2


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Hi there Smart Drivers. Rick, with Smart Drive Test, talking to you today about: Bicycles at complex intersections. This is video #2 in the VEDA, Video Every Day in April, series. Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.

Hi there Smart Drivers, welcome back. Rick, with Smart Drive Test, talking to you today about: Bicycles at complex busy intersections. This is the second in the VEDA series, Videos Every Day in the month of April. Had a comment from James, and James suggested the topic of talking about bicycles at busy intersections, especially with Spring coming on here in the northern hemisphere, and bicycles and motorcycles starting to come out on our roadways. Now, just before we started here, if you're new to Smart Drive Test, Smart Drive Test helps new drivers get a license, veteran drivers remain crash free, and CDL drivers to start a career as a truck or bus driver. So, if you're new here, hit that subscribe button. As well, hit that bell, that way you'll get instant notification of when I get the videos up for you.

Bicycle lanes.

Now, you can see behind me here, at the bicycle lane, and the bicycle lane is painted green. It's a slightly different texture than the asphalt, and the reason for that is because it runs alongside the right-hand turning lane, and because many cars do not get into the turning lane, as soon as the turning lane starts, it poses a danger, and a risk, to cyclists, who are proceeding straight through the intersection. Oftentimes times it creates a point of conflict between cyclists and other road users, those that are driving, for example buses and trucks, and what not. So, as a cyclist, you need to be very careful about that, when you're coming up alongside the right-hand turning lane.

Helping others see you, as a cyclist.

And, a couple of things you can do to make yourself more visible on the roadways, is to wear hi-visibility bicycle gear, like yellow jackets and neon colors, and those types things, you have an assortment of them at the bicycle shops. The other thing you can do, is stand up on your pedals so that you're bigger, physically bigger, in the roadway, and other road users see you, especially other drivers that are trying to merge into the right-hand turning lane. So, be very careful, if you're a cyclist, proceeding straight through the intersection here.

Helping out, as a vehicle driver.

Now, if you're a driver, try to get in the right-hand turning lane as soon as it starts, way back there, that way you're going to reduce the chances of you being in conflict with cyclists, using the bicycle lane, as they're proceeding straight through the intersection. And then, especially now that we're sort of transitioning into Spring, transitioning into Summer, make sure you're looking out for cyclists, and for motorcycle riders, because all of those are appearing on our roadways.

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