VEDA, Video Every Day (in) April: Driving lessons.

VEDA Challenge - Video Every Day in April #1VEDA Challenge - Video Every Day in April #1


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Hi there Smart Drivers. Rick, with Smart Drive Test. First video in the VEDA series, Video Every Day in the month of April. And, yes, we're up for the challenge. So, what we're going to do today is introduce you to the intersection, where I'll be doing all of the videos, in this 30-day challenge. Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.

Hi there Smart Drivers, welcome back, Rick with Smart Drive Test. First video in the VEDA series, Video Every Day in April. And, what I'm gonna do is shoot a video at the intersection of Highway 97 and 25th Avenue, here in Vernon, it's one of our busiest intersection. And, there's lots of traffic during rush hours in the daytime, and lots to talk about. Now, I'm a little bit late getting started here, it's the fourth of April, and this is the first video on this, and I will get you the other twenty nine videos up, over the course of the month. So what I'm basically going to do, is do 30 videos at the intersection, over the course of the month, and get those up for you. Now, just before we get started here, if you're new to Smart Drive Test, Smart Drive Test helps new drivers get a license, veteran drivers to remain crash free, and CDL drivers to start a career as a truck or bus driver. So, be sure to hit that subscribe button, just about there. As well, hit that bell, that way you'll get instant notification of when I get the videos up for you.

Highways #97 & #6, British Columbia, Canada.

Just introducing the intersection today, it is highway 97 and 25th Avenue, here in Vernon, British Columbia, as you can see here in the map. It is also where highway number 6 intersects with highway 97, and so it is a busy intersection, because of the traffic coming off highway number 6. Highway number six runs east out to Lavington, and Lumbee, and the cusp as well. And, in Lavington, there's a big timber mill there, so there's a lot of logging trucks and timber trucks, that are running between Lavington and Armstrong in the north, highway 97 runs north to Armstrong, and then up and meets the trans-canada highway. As well, at the intersection here, if you can see that it's heading west, its 25th Avenue running Vernon out, to what used to be called Okanagan landing. It's called Okanagan landing, it's because where the ferries came in, at the early part of the 20th century. Ferries no longer run up and down the lake, the lake ferries we're short lived, here in the Okanagan Valley, once the railway came in, in the late 1920s, the ferries were essentially over at that point, because of the railway. And then, running south, highway 97 runs down to Kelowna. Now, you can see, here in the image, that it is multi lane, it's two lanes, in all four directions.

Traffic safety information.

The intersection has slip lanes, or turning lanes, at each corner. As well, there are left-hand turning lanes. Now, heading west, if you're coming off, so you're heading eastbound on highway number six, and you're intersecting with highway 97, there are two left-hand turning lanes there. So, lots of good information here. And, actually, in the poll that I put out on the YouTube channel, it was overwhelming that people wanted me to do the videos at the intersection, which was probably prudent your part, as the Smart Drivers, because you realize that I can talk about both commercial vehicles, and cars and trucks as well, and motorcycles, and all other road users that are using this intersection. So there's going to be a lot of good information here. You're going to get a good sense of the intersection at different times during the day. So that's what we're gonna do for the Veda challenge, Video Every Day in April. So, be sure to give us a thumbs up there, and follow along with all the discussion that's gonna go along for the month of April, with video every day, at the intersection of highway 97 and 25th Avenue, here in Vernon, British Columbia.

Question for my Smart Drivers:

Is there anything in the VEDA challenge that you want me to talk about specifically, at this intersection?

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