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This defensive driving course will give the skill, knowledge and techniques to remain crash free. 

By focusing on the driver and the fundamentals of driving a vehicle, this course introduces drivers to the fundamental techniques of defensive driving.

This course is intended for:

    1. beginners wanting an introduction to defensive driving;
    2. experienced drivers looking for a refresher;
    3. and all drivers in between that want to know the inherent risks of driving, and implement strategies to be safe.

Smart Defensive Driving ensures that fleets and individuals remain crash-free.


If you are not completely satisfied with the Defensive Driving Course we will refund you money in 90-days - no question!   

90-Day Guarantee

To prove my confidence in the value of this online driving course, I am offering a 90-day, money back, satisfaction guarantee. Just contact me with your order information within 90 days of your purchase. That’s it!

There’s no hidden small print. If you are unsatisfied with with this course for any reason whatsoever, you will get a refund.




 Action Steps


 Avoid Common Crashes  18:37    √
 Backing & Reversing Safely  12:39    √
 Know Your Intersections & Turn Correctly  14:41    √
 How to See at Night & in Inclement Weather  14:42    √
 Don't Be A Distracted, Drowsy & Debilitated Drivers  17:08    √
 Get to Your Unknown Destination with Route Planning & Navigation  12:18    √
TOTAL :: 6 VIDEOS  1hr 90min 25sec    


How the Course is Structured


Each section is comprised of individual video lessons. Some lessons also include links to additional resources that are mentioned in the video.

Action Steps

After watching each video lesson, there are several action steps for you to take to help you execute what was taught in the lesson.


Most lessons include a quiz you must pass before you can move on to the next lesson. These quizzes are automatically graded and ensure that you understand the information that’s being shared.


Lorena Cuellar

Hi thank you, your videos are great and helped me out a ton! I passed in Westminster, California 🙂 I plan on driving to the San Diego Safari Park to celebrate 🎉

Gabriella Roman

Night driving is like driving on a different planet, especially when the road markings are worn and too hard to make out!

Hi Gabriella Roman - thank you for your brilliant & apropos comment. If it’s okay, I’m going to borrow that analogy- it’s perfect! And you are right....if the road markings are faded, the task of night driving is even more challenging! All the best, Cheers Rick

Smart Drive Test of course! Thanks so much for helping so many of us be better and more confident drivers!

Carpe Diem

Your teaching methodology is very good. First you explain every step, then you demonstrate, adding the bonus of an overall review of the complete manoeuvre at the end. Great for all types of learning styles. Thank you!