Top 12 ways home from the New Year’s Eve Bash

First & foremost – decide how you are going to get home BEFORE you start drinking.

Of course, all these tips are going to be different owing to the crazy world of COVID...but they're still funny.

12 Tips to get home safely from your New Year's Eve Bash.

  1. As my Mom likes to say, "Get drunk and be somebody." Therefore, you can be a superhero and fly home.
  2. Take a cab. Don't forget your mask
  3. Ride the bus – most transit systems offer free rides for New Year's Eve.
  4. Get a "designated driver." Be sure to give the driver cash for gas!
  5. Walk.
  6. Run in spurts, because running continuously is just too hard.
  7. Crawl – be sure to dress warmly in case it's cold.
  8. Drive home the next day - that way you get a free breakfast.
  9. Get your drunk friend to give you a piggy back ride.
  10. Take the shuttle service offered by the respective establishment where you imbibed.
  11. Have the bash at your house. It's a great way to have a big slumber party.
  12. Go to the pizza shop, order a pizza to be delivered to your home address, and catch a ride with the pizza delivery guy. If that doesn't work, try the Chinese place! Make sure you give a good tip.

"Don't fry bacon in the nude" is not a great tip.

How are you getting home this New Year's; what is your funny story about getting home after the bash?

Wishing you a great New Year's Eve and all the best for the 2021 year from all the staff at Smart Drive Test.

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