The Winter Driving Smart Course will teach you how to identify black ice, drive in deep snow, and recover from a skid.For most drivers, their first winter driving in the snow is a nail-biting, hair raising experience. How can I possibly stay out of the ditch or not crash into another car when the roads are slippery?

On slippery ice and snow, the ABS (Anti-lock brakes) are going to engage and scare the living daylights out of you.

How are you going to respond when the vehicle begins to skid due to overuse of one of the primary controls?

Little doubt, driving in the winter requires a new skill set to keep you safe and out of an accident.

With a bit of knowledge and insight you can drive throught your winters with with confidence.

Winter Driving Smart will give you skills abilities, and knowledge to stay safe this winter.



You're sitting at a traffic light. You're up close and tight to the vehicle in front, like the other drivers in the line. And you're the last vehicle.

You glance in the mirror and see a vehicle approaching...way too fast!

Unfortunately, because you're too close to the vehicles in front, you don't have an escape. You brace for impact. However, the vehicle isn't designed to protect you in the event of being rear-ended.

You just experienced your first rear-end collision!

And there wasn't anything you could do about it...or was there?

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