A male teenager successfully passes his road test first time.Passing a Road Test requires

• skills;

• abilities;

• knowledge.

In the past few decades, taking a driver's test has changed....A LOT. Many drivers claim they're good drivers because they've never experienced a crash. However, many "good drivers" would be hard pressed to pass a formal road test owing to the changes brought by the Graduated Licensing Programs!

All road tests, regardless of class or location comprise FOUR basic components:

1) speed management
(posted speed limit, flow of traffic; or capability of vehicle - whichever is less);
2) space management
(maintain a safe distance from other road users and fixed objects while driving);
3) observation
(scanning patterns, looking before moving, shoulder (head) checking, 360° scans);
4) communication
(signals, lights, hand gestures, eye contact, position of vehicle on road).

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