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Get all the answers to your questions about passing a driver's test here.


Answering all your questions about passing a driver's license test, starting a career as a CDL driver, or become a safer smarter driver.

Don't Fail Your Driver's Test

It's the most stressful day of your life...your driver's test.

And the number one reason that driver's fail their test is because they don't know what's on the test.

If you're not taking driver training with a professional driving instructor, do one lesson that is a practice driving test.

Driving instructors teach drivers to pass a road test every day.

They will take you on the driving test route and show you all the details of the test.

They'll point out where the school zones are, and the tricky signs that catch testing drivers out.

They'll show you where the DMV examiner does the parallel parking, the 3-point turns, and what to watch out for when backing into the parking space at the DMV.

Yes, a driving lesson with a driving school is tough to get right now in the COVID world in which we live, but the return on investment too high to not have at least one driving lesson.

And of course, you'll always have questions owing to the sheer complexity of driving.

Be sure to show up for this live stream where a license driving instructor answers all your questions about passing a driver's test.

At every DMV you must look out the rear window when reversing.

Become a Safer, Smarter Driver

Space management is the key component to being a successful a defensive driver.

But what does that mean?

First and foremost, if you're not near anything it's less likely that you're going to hit something.

Almost all drivers participate and succumb to the hallmarks of social driving:

• Not stopping completely at STOP signs;

• Charging yellow lights;

• Driving over painted islands;

• Keeping up with the traffic flow and driving faster than the posted speed limit;

to name a few.

Driving safer is a balance of 2 things:

1) Staying predictable on the road according to the rules of both social driving and the culture of driving in and around your area.

2) Maintaining space so that you have an out in the event of an emergency when driving.

Although this may seem easy, it really a complex driving task.

During this live stream we can help you become a safer, smarter driver.

As well, we can give you techniques and strategies to drive safely at night and in inclement weather.

When stopping in traffic, stop so that you can see the tires of the vehicle in front making clear contact with the pavement.


Start your New Career as a Bus or Truck Driver

Your old job isn't working out for you.

You've made the decision to get your CDL license and start a new career as a truck or bus driver.

This is the right decision.

As a bus or truck driver you'll always have work.

The only unemployed CDL driver is the one that wants to be unemployed.

And if you get tired of your current job, there are lots of different driving opportunities as a commercial driver.

When going to truck driving school, air brakes is going to be your toughest course.

There is a lot of work as a CDL truck or bus driver. If you want it, you'll always have work.

And the pre-trip inspection too will challenge you as you make your way through truck driving school.

Show up for this live stream and we'll answer all your questions about learning to driver a CDL vehicle and land your new job.

Add the Defensive & Winter Driving Smart Courses for the bonus cost of just $10. In addition to NOT failing your driver's test, you can also become a safer, smarter driver.

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