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Pass the ICBC House Trailer (Code 7) Endorsement in British Columbia with these multiple choice practice questions that GUARANTEE that you'll PASS.Practice Test for ICBC's House Trailer Endorsement test in British Columbia, Canada.

This self-paced practice test questions gives you:

• 5 practice test with 25 multiple choice and true/false questions;

• be fully prepared with for the ICBC House Trailer Endorsement (Code 7) Learner Test;

• questions will give you a full understanding of pulling a heavy recreational trailer


$9.97 USD each

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Been watching your videos all week. doing my q air brake course tomorrow and my class 3 course next. reading threw the modules I understand what is being said but your point of view is much easier to understand and is giving me more confidence to take this course. keep up the great videos and from a noobie thank you!

Antonio Santangelo

YES. This was EXTREMEMLY helpful in clarifying this mess of confusion. The CDL manual makes it VERY confusing, and does, in fact, make it seem as if there is a separate braking system, pads and all, that come on with the Emergency Brake vs the Parking Brake.

Bolivitas Corp

Dam.........Mr Rick, you should be teaching Chemistry. You definitely find the easy and simply way to teach!
Thank you again!

Chris McNally

Excellent presentation, complete and concise instructions and information.

$9.97 USD each

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Don't Fail Your Code 7 Test...buy the practice TESTS!

For drivers earning their House Trailer endorsement.

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Is the questions guaranteed?


The course is 100% guaranteed. If you complete the course within 60 days and take your road and don't pass, Smart Drive Test will refund your money. 

Why should I buy these practice test questions when I can get the information for free on the internet?

Much of the information provided on the internet is not reliable.

Rick August, PhD has been a CDL air brake instructor for more than twenty years. Also, he has been both a truck and bus driver. The information presented here to pass your air brakje test is the absolute information that will guarantee that you pass your knowledge test first time and make you both a safe and "smart driver."

Most of the information presented on the internet is people that have read the driver's manual and provided you with some questions and courses based on knowledge written by bureaucrats. The information presented in these practice  test questions has help 1,000s of students pass their air brake endorsement.

Finally, Dr. August has more than ten years teaching experience. The practice test questions, in combination with the videos, provide an excellent learning tool. All feedback is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.

Can I ask questions?


Included in your purchase of the course is complete access to Rick August, PhD. You can email questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

$9.97 USD each

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