First & foremost – decide how you are going to get home BEFORE you start drinking.

m5Spring is creeping over the horizon in many parts of BC’s interior. With spectacular weather in early March, motorcyclists are on our roadways.

With the increased mix of vehicles now vying for road space, we request that drivers think  MOTORCYCLES, CYCLISTS & PEDESTRIANS.

tire chains 1For those heading to the mountains or areas with plenty of snow, you will most likely require tire chains or cables. With a bit of practice, tire chains can be installed in 5-10 minutes. And with chains you can navigate winter's most inclement roads.

xmas night1Many during this time of year are scrambling to get their Christmas shopping done. In the back of their mind, they ask themselves where has another year has gone - up and vanished like so much snow on a hot spring day. Yet, like the spring day, the coming year offers the promise of hope and new aspirations.

majestic winter notextWinter driving requires a different skill set to operate your vehicle safely. These 15 tips will help you drive through the winter with few, if any, incidents.