car in ditchThere is no such thing as black ice. Just because motorists can’t see the ice doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Overpass just north of York St. on Richmond before Labatt's Brewery."Advice from an old tracker. If you want to find someone, use your eyes."

fuelling vehicleDespite the "blimp on the radar" of the lowest fuel costs in decades, the price of fuel will again increase - sorry to be the "bearer of bad news." When the cost of fuel begins to rise this coming summer (2015), keep these fuel saving tips in mind.

Most CDL students simply don't know the details of what a bus or truck driver does on a daily basis.As a driving instructor, it’s become one of my favourite questions to ask students working toward a commercial licence.

Oddly, most simply don’t know — or more likely, simply haven’t given the topic much thought.