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When shoulder checking, turn your head 90° in the direction you're moving the vehicle.

Where to look when shoulder (head) checking.


Turn you're head 90° degrees in the direction you're moving the vehicle.Thus, if you're moving the vehicle to the left, you shoulder check to the left by turning your head 90° to the left.

If you're moving the vehicle to the right, you shoulder check by moving your head 90° to the right.

By turning your head 90° degrees, your peripheral vision--which is 180° in most adults—will detect light and movement beyond 90°.

If your peripheral vision detects light or movement, you central vision will be pulled in to determine what is in your blind spot.

See Shoulder Checking videos:

One of the keys to observation on a road test is shoulder checking.

Watch the video to be successful!!

For new drivers, shoulder checking is an integral skill for passing a road test!

Watch the video.

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