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Hit the cones and learn how to drive a car faster.

Learn to Drive Faster by Hitting the Cones


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Hi there smart drivers.

Hit the cone.

Yes, in practice hit the cone and I'll tell you why.

Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.


Hi there smart drivers, welcome back.

Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about hitting the cone in practice, not during your road test because if you hit it during your road test, you're not gonna be successful.

Driving over cones is both satisfying and teaches you where your vehicle is in space and place!

But in practice, it's gonna teach you where your vehicle is in space and place and it's gonna teach you mastery of the primary controls, which is key ingredient to passing a road test and being a smart driver and driving well on the roadway in other traffic, with other drivers and with other road users.

So practice hitting the cone.

Hit the cone with the wing mirror.

Hit the cone with the back of the car.

Hit the cone with the front of the car.

Not hard, but at least touch and bump the cone so you know where the cone is in space and place and you can learn the blind areas around your vehicle.

So we're gonna show you a few exercises to do here that you can bump and hit the cone and that will make you a better driver overall.


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So whenever you're practicing, have your seatbelt on.

You have to have your seatbelt on for the duration of your road test so have it on when you're practicing, that way you'll be ready for it.

We'll just wait for this cyclist here to get out of the way so we can maneuver around here.

We go around.

First thing you want to do is you want to nose into the cone.

So get yourself straightened around and then nose into the cone so you can hit the cone.

This is a good set up for them, just have them in a reverse stall park configuration.

Straight forward, bump the cone, okay?

Then back up, make sure you're looking behind you straight through the back window.

You got to have that technique down for the purposes of the road tests.

I'll put a video up in the corner for you on proper reversing.

Over the cone, bump it with the wing mirror on the driver side.

Then you want to go around in a big circle here, come around and we'll do the passenger side.

One of the largest blind areas on any vehicle is on the passenger's side.<p>Knowing the relative position of the vehicle's right side will help with both parking and general driving.

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As well, hit that bell, (bell rings) that way you'll get an instant notification when I get the videos up for you.

So wing mirror on the passenger side, tap the cone just like that.

It's gonna bang a little bit on the car, but it's not gonna doing any damage.

It's plastic, your car is well...

There we go.

Go slow in case it does get hooked up there.

Then we just move forward, and again we can move forward here and then we can bump it on the back of the car.

Okay, straight back, car in reverse, like this.

Straight back here, and then bump it.

Bump the cone.

For smaller cars, you're gonna be able to see it over the back.

For those of you who have newer vehicles, you're gonna have back-up cameras.

When conducting slow-speed manoeuvres with any vehicle, roll down the windows to hear what is going on around your vehicle.

That's gonna make it real easy.

Now the final one here, I got to watch all the people on bicycles here going through the parking lot here.

The final one is to reverse stall park.

Hit the cone when you're going around, trying to back in on the reverse stall park.

Again, we're looking out through the window, wing mirror, and again, I told you the importance of wing mirrors and again, bump the cone.

I can feel the vehicle move up over the base of the cone, but I completely missed it when I went in there.

But again, try and bump the cone.

That way you're gonna learn where your vehicle is in space and place and that's what you're trying to do here.

Trying to figure out where your vehicle is in space and place.

I bumped the cone that time.

Then go around and do it on the driver's side.

Back in from the driver's side here like this.

Again, we want to be looking over this shoulder 'cause this is the way we're backing in this time.

Around and I completely missed it again (laughs).

I'm trying to hit the cone.

I can't seem to hit the cone.

There we go.

Use your wing mirrors, get used to using your wing mirrors, that's a great skill for lane changing and observing when you're driving.

When driving into the cone, go slowly to increase your mastery of the primary controls.

There, I heard it, listen.

So make sure you have your window down on your vehicle, that way you can hear better.

I've got my other windows down on the vehicle, that's how I heard it.

A few exercises here for hitting the cones, learning where your vehicle is in space and place, and improving your mastery of the primary controls.

This is the purpose of this exercise.

No, it's just not to go out and bang into cones with your parent's vehicle or your friend's or family's.

It's to learn where your vehicle is in space and place and improve the mastery of the primary controls that way you're gonna be a better driver overall when you get out into traffic with other drivers and other road users.

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Thanks very much for watching, and remember, pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer.

Have a great day, bye now.

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