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Air Brakes Explained Simply is a easy-to-follow, complete CDL air brake manual providing all the information you need to pass your Air Brakes.

Don't delay your road test because you can't pass the Air Brake Theory Test

➫ Air brakes is the hardest course you've ever taken, and it's frustrating that it's so hard;

➫ You're afraid of failing because that will postpone your road test;

➫ And you know that it would be super embarrassing to go back to your family, your friends, and especially your driving instructor and tell him you didn't pass the test;

➫ And then you have to deal with the staff to get your road test date moved;

➫ Worst of all, it's going to delay you starting work because you've accumulated so much debt with this whole training and changing career.

Air Brakes Explained Simply provides easy to understand language that helps you to pass your air brake course first time.

Highly technical air brake information is presented in clear, easy-to-read format

This E-book allows you to:

  • get all the answers you need to pass the dumb theory test;
  • learn the skills to do multiple choice questions so you can pass the test;
  • understand and know the technical terms on the test because these are explained in easy to understand language;
  • practice the exact questions that will be on the CDL test, and we'll give you feedback for each question so you understand;
  • know downhill braking signs that could save your life when operating in the mountains - this part is NOT dumb;
  • get the exact working for completing both the in-cab air brake inspections and adjustment of the manual slack adjusters.

The difference between passing and failing is a little bit more;
the E-book Air Brakes Explained Simply is that little bit more.




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In passing the air brake test, you CDL road test won't be delayed, and you can get on the road to making money sooner.

This e-Book contains everything you need to know to pass your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL):

Categorized information in levels of importance:

1) Must Know;
2) Need to Know;
3) Could Know;
4) and Should Know.

Have a look at the first 20 pages of Air Brakes Explained Simply:


The book Air Brakes Explained Simply has a glossary giving you a definition of all the technical terms you may encounter when learning air brakes.

Simply Explained Air Brake Information in Easy to Understand Language

• 100 multiple-choice questions you will be asked on your CDL Test;

• Step-by-step instructions for downhill braking;

• Specific wording & steps for the air-brake test you must conduct to pass your CDL pre-trip.

• Links to CDL air brake videos for further explanation to pass your CDL pre-trip.

Air Brakes Explained Simply is a book that gives you step-by-step instructions to brake downhill safely in a large vehicle.

Table of Contents



Braking Basics

Air Brake Components

How to Brake on the Flat & Downhill


Semi-Trailers & Combinations Vehicles

Pre-Trips Inspections

Air Brake Pre-Trip Checklist (Truck, Bus, or RV Unit)

Air Brake Pre-Trip Checklist (Truck & Trailer)

List of Air Brake Valves


Multiple Choice Quiz

The book Air Brakes Explained Simply is an Air Brake Instructor in your smart phone!

Dr. Rick August became an air-brake and commercial driving instructor in 1997. 

For a decade prior to that time, he was an over-the-road truck driver delivering freight in both Canada and the United States.

In 2000, he returned to university and, in 2006, earned his PhD in legal history and policing from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

During his university years, Dr. August worked part time as a bus driver for Greyhound Australia.

Air Brakes Explained Simply explains complicated concepts with simple and easy to understand language.

The book explains that the application pressure gauge in an air brake system tells the driver how much air pressure s/he is putting to the service brakes.In Air Brakes Explained Simply, Dr. August:

• simplifies technical information and provides understandable comparisons;

• provides you with the exact Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) questions you will be asked;

• highlights the precise knowledge you need to pass your CDL.



$17.00 USD each

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