Bobtail Proportioning Valve

A bobtail proportioning valve will move most of the braking to the front steer axles when there's not trailer attached.A bobtail proportioning valve great increases braking safety owing to different weight distribution.


A bobtail proportioning valve will reduce braking to the drive axle brakes by up to 75% when unhooked from the trailer.

When a semi-trailer is removed from the truck, the truck is called a bobtail.

To prevent the rear wheels from locking up, the bobtail proportioning valve redirects most of the braking to the front steer axle brakes.

This action helps to maintain steering control when there isn't any weight on the rear of the truck.

Don't Work the Day for Free:: Weigh Scale Checklist 

This checklist will provide you with a list of paperwork that you need to bring into the authorities when you get pulled into the scale house.

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Owing to the fact that most of the braking is being done by the secondary system, the driver may find that she has to push harder on the brake pedal to engage the brakes.

Road tractors are designed to haul trailer, particularly loaded trailers.

These trucks handle "very" differently when there isn't a trailer attached.

Reduce speed, increase following distance, and start braking earlier; use a deft touch on the primary controls.

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